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Uniqlo Launches a Facebook-Based Street Style Site

When Uniqlo opened in New York, suddenly everyone had a place to shop for affordable, well-made jeans and tops. But, as with with anything in this city that is stylish and affordable, those pieces quickly became ubiquitous, leaving fashionistas to pair the store's basics with their own accoutrements. To celebrate this exploration of style, Uniqlo -- a company that has long been a proponent of new media -- has set up its own type of style-spotting site. Called Uniqlooks, fashion forward individuals can submit their favorite looks -- as long as a piece of Uniqlo is included -- to be voted upon by the Uniqlo-loving crowd. The looks with the most "likes" at the end of the week win as the "featured" looks. Since the new venture is a simple Facebook app, you only need allow it access to your Facebook profile in order to join.

While you can view the looks featured in each image (a cute blazer here, a cozy long sleeve there), three major issues arise. First, clicking a tagged photo of Uniqlo pants simply brings up the generic 'bottoms,' and not the specific item. Next, Uniqlo doesn't offer any online retail in the U.S., so, unless you're based in NYC, you are SOL. Finally, aside from bragging rights or ego-feeding, there is no real reason to submit and continue to vote for your favorite looks. Unless, of course, you are a diehard Uniqlo fan -- which exists in Soho. Trust us.

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