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Pucker Up With 'Kiss Controller,' the System Controlled by Tongue Hockey

From old-school joysticks to motion-control interfaces, the ways gamers control onscreen movements have drastically evolved. We aren't sure what's next, but, if a project by artist Hye Yeon Nam is any indication, it could involve locking lips. That's right: Nam has designed input hardware that allows gamers to control onscreen movements by making out. With the Kiss Controller, one gamer places a magnet on his or her tongue while the other gamer wears a headset. The person with the magnet controls the direction and speed of an onscreen bowling ball for 20 seconds while, we guess, the other gamer just enjoys it. The goal of the game is to get the ball rolling fast and keep it in the center of the alley by wiggling your tongue around in the other person's mouth. Sounds romantic, right?

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