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Nun Ousted From Spanish Convent for Facebooking

Sister Maria Jesús Galán facebook page
Ten years ago, the sisters of the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, Spain decided to get a computer. "It enabled us do things [sic] such as banking online and saved us having to make trips into the city," 54-year-old Sister Maria Jesús Galán recently told the Telegraph. Having taken to the computer perhaps more quickly than most, Sister Maria set about digitizing the archives of the 700-year-old convent, for which the Toledo government awarded her a prize in 2008, and for which she received hundreds of Facebook friend requests. Thanks to the latter, at least in part, Sister Maria has been asked to leave the convent.

Apparently, the convent's other sisters disapproved of the time that Sister Maria had been spending on the Internet, saying that it "made life impossible." The convent has declined to comment, and the Archbishop of Toledo has described the affair as "an internal matter." We can only hope that Sister Maria finds a way to continue her good works with the talents she's been given.

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