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Maryland Dept. of Corrections Demands Applicants' Facebook Passwords

Robert Collins
According to the ACLU (and most rational human beings), The Maryland Department of Corrections crossed a line when it demanded that Officer Robert Collins (who tells his story in the video after the break) turn over his Facebook password during a job interview. As part of the department's background check procedures, all new applicants and those seeking recertification are required to turn over usernames and passwords for social media accounts. This, predictably, has set off alarms with privacy advocates who view this as a gross violation of an individual's rights. Note, this is not reading an applicants public Twitter feed; this is digging through personal correspondance and rummaging through posts made not just by the applicant, but by his or her friends and family.

The case will undoubtedly spark debate about whether or not a potential employer has the right to request access to your personal social networking accounts. Allow us to make this argument very easy for you: no. No they don't.

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