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Egyptian Names First Daughter 'Facebook' in Honor of Revolution

Facebook Child
What if American revolutionaries had decided to name their children "Tea Party" or "Musket," or if French upstarts had decided that their sons should go through life being called "Guillotine"? According to Al-Ahram, that's more or less what appears to be happening in Egypt, because a 20-something revolutionary has apparently named his firstborn daughter "Facebook." [Ed. note: To be fair, reading Al-Ahram can be a bit like reading Pravda. So, grain of salt.] Although there were plenty of factors that contributed to the revolution (which is quickly becoming known as the #Jan25 Revolution, due to its associated Twitter hashtag), Facebook has become the poster child for how social networking has connected a new generation of protesters and activists. Many actually credit Facebook with being the source of the Egyptian revolution, because the page 'We Are Khaled Said' served as a organizational hub during the early days of the protests.

Let's just hope that naming children after social media services doesn't become a trend in Egypt (or anywhere else in the world). Won't those parents look really silly when Twitter and Facebook get overtaken by the next great social network? Just imagine how much you'd regret naming your kid "Friendster."

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