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AOL Tech Pays Britney, Gaga For Plenty of Play

Plenty of Fish is the new dating site du jour, or so it is for Britney Spears, who used the site to browse for dates in her most recent video. Along with the site's random (and not very attractive) appearance in Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' video, the site arrived again in Britney's 'Hold It Against Me' premiere last night. (The song, we believe, is based on a pick-up line often flung by sexually precocious eighth graders. Or Ms. Spears' audience.) Along with other product placement, was heavily featured as the place to which B. Spears looked for a date -- suggesting, as the site's agency tells the New York Times (and most of the wired world realized in 2003, when PlentyofFish launched), "Online dating is the future."

Not only does the appearance suggests the continuing upward climb of online romance, it also hints at the changing face of the struggling music industry, which will soon have to shill for cash. Also, both appearances occurred in Jonas Akerlund-directed videos, once again proving, if we will, Lady Gaga beat Britney to the punch. No matter, it still isn't as cool as OKCupid.

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