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Worldwide Graffiti Captured With 'Street Art View'

blu on street art view
Last Spring, the street artist Gaia began archiving his graffiti exploits with Google Maps. Now, courtesy of Red Bull and the Loducca advertising agency, Gaia has an illustrious -- and expanding -- crew of Google graffiti compatriots. Composed entirely of graffiti art, Red Bull's new Street Art View project aspires to become "the biggest art collection in the world" by incorporating various aspects of Google Street View and the Google Art Project.

The site, which allows users to pinpoint street pieces on a Google Map, catalogs individual artworks and their creators. Viewers can sort by chronology and views, or even by individual artists. Given the fleeting impermanence of graffiti art, the service provides an overdue method of collecting and appreciating an extremely undervalued art form. (Ahh, if only the Web had been around for the apex of Berlin's Mauerkunst movement.) Although some graffiti fans may relish the thrill of the hunt (for new pieces), a permanent exhibition that chronicles the daring exploits of sneaky, elusive masters like Banksy should prove to be invaluable.

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