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Lendle Lets Kindle Users Share E-books

Lendle allows Amazon users to borrow and share e-books.
Lendle, an e-book sharing site that launched this week, allows Amazon users to borrow and lend select Kindle e-books, of which 821 are currently available, for two-week periods. All you need is at least one of the free Kindle apps for Mac, PC, iOS or Android (or a Kindle, itself). Besides that, you'll need an Amazon account and a willingness to share with others. Just make sure you return the borrowed e-book on time, because being late can get you banned from the site. Lendle's Brian Ford notes in the comments:
Books are auto-returned by Amazon's lending service after 14 days. We can't control that and neither can the borrower. The primary reason we would ever ban someone is if it was discovered they were harvesting emails rather than fulfilling promised lends.

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