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Hacker Blackmails Nintendo With Personal Data From 4,000 Gamers

nintendo 3dsEarlier this month, an unnamed hacker reportedly infiltrated a Nintendo 3DS promotional site and uncovered the names, e-mail addresses and postal codes of 4,000 Nintendo members. The assailant then allegedly blackmailed Nintendo because he believed "the firm had shown negligence in not securing the information more effectively."

According to Naked Security, Nintendo alerted the Spanish Data Protection agency, but -- after the agency failed to respond -- the hacker apparently posted some of the information to an online gaming forum and threatened to divulge more. Well, the authorities certainly weren't negligent after that data exposure; Spanish police located and arrested the perpetrator in Malaga, Spain. Because of legal protocol, Nintendo and Spanish authorities have remained vague concerning the specific victims and where the personal information was posted.

So, just to be safe, gamers may want to reset the passwords for their Nintendo accounts, and any associated email addresses. Vigilantly monitoring that e-mail account for any suspicious activity or messages would also be a wise precautionary measure.

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