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Glenn Beck Says Google is a Front for the U.S. Government

Glenn BeckOn Monday, Tea Party darling Glenn Beck accused Google of being "in bed" with the U.S. government. The self-styled revealer of history's secrets went even further, insinuating that the company doesn't just cooperate with our oppressive socialist regime, but that it acts as a front for The Government, promoting American interests overseas. Beck warned viewers not to rely on Google searches for their information, asking them instead, "Are you comfortable with the government partnering covertly with media organizations, search engines, social networking, so they can bring change that the Washington elites have design?"

There's no denying that Google and the U.S. share some goals in common. Google is a firm believer in freedom of information, democracy and a vocal proponent of human rights. The two might even work together from time to time in an attempt to achieve these goals. But to suggest that Google is lying to you via search results and that it's part of a "propaganda" arm of the government is patently ridiculous. Check out the video below.

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