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Obama Reveals Wireless Internet Expansion Plan, Targets Rural Areas

president obamaLast June, the Obama administration outlined an auction plan that could help double the U.S. broadband spectrum. According to Reuters, the White House has finally revealed the specific financial details concerning that strategy. As part of the overall plan, Obama will propose an additional $5 billion investment to bring wireless Internet to rural areas of the country. But, the spectrum auction process could ideally help secure $27.8 billion over the next 10 years.

$3 billion of that total would reportedly be invested in wireless technology research, while $9.6 billion would go toward reducing the nation's budget deficit. The 2012 White House budget plan, which will be announced next week, will also reportedly "call for $10.7 billion to be invested in developing a wireless network to support public safety agencies."

The overall plan is definitely overdue, because the U.S. inexcusably lags behind numerous other nations in terms of national information technology systems and broadband connectivity. Since the World Economic Forum believes that "Internet broadband is directly linked to the GDP growth of a country," taking steps to bolster the nation's Internet infrastructure grows increasingly paramount.

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