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Verizon Customers Finally Get Their Hands on Apple's iPhone

Verizon iPhone
After years of rumors, and one long month of waiting since it was officially announced, Verizon Wireless began selling the iPhone early Thursday morning to groups of anxious customers. Those who snapped up the device were either long-suffering Verizon customers, who have been locked out from owning the formerly exclusive device, or AT&T customers, who are fed up with spotty service and have decided to jump ship to "the nation's largest 3G network." Last week, Verizon had to stop accepting orders after inventory ran out in just one day. This launch lacked the punch of last summer's AT&T launch, which saw thousands wait in line for hours. CNN reported just eight people waited in line at Apple's flagship New York City store for only 15 minutes. [Ed. Note: Admittedly, it's like a meat locker outside today.] Still, Verizon surpassed all its previous launch-day numbers, and analysts expect the company to sell more than 12 million iPhones in 2011. Did you brave the cold this morning?

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