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New York Fashion Week on Twitter: Take Your Seat in the Digital Front Row

fashion week on twitter
Watching events unfold Twitter is no longer just an interesting pastime, but a crucial way to keep abreast of cultural, political or sports-oriented happenings. We broke down the best accounts to stalk for the Super Bowl -- but, in many ways, that's a piece of cake. The event, pre- and post-game, lasts half of a day, has one location, and features two discernible sides. New York Fashion Week, on the other hand, is a week-long event with thousands of designers, hundreds of celebrities, an uncountable amount of info, and hordes of image-hungry bloggers (and Tumblrs) ready to spot the next big thing. So, we've got your Twitter list broken down by your needs and wants, hitting the best and brightest.

Note: Big names didn't mean automatic inclusion on our list. Instead, we considered factors like frequency and quality of tweets, along with insider info (no one wants to read a hundred retweets or myriad #followfriday lists). Enjoy the drama, beauty and excitement as it unfolds. We certainly will.

(Full disclosure: The author of this post also writes for StyleList, and Refinery29. She also tries to tell everyone in the office how to dress, but is rarely heeded.)

Esteemed Critics:

Those who have done the time, and have earned the right to sit on the front row, and weigh in on next season's key looks.

@CathyHorynNYT: The Times style maven has incredible, spot-on witticisms and will be delivering front-row info from all the key shows.
@fuggirls: The hilarious ladies of Go Fug Yourself have live-blogging down to an irreverent science.
@InterviewMag: The house that Warhol built dishes politely on everything fashion-related.
@VMagazine: V is a cheekier, sexier Vogue, and it'll have a flavor-filled insider look on the events.
@AnOtherMagazine: A little more laid back than Interview, AnOther spots trends and tastemakers a mile away.
@tavitulle: High-school freshman Tavi Gevinson has made her name for not only having a keen fashion sense, but by voicing it in a hilarious, spot-on cadence.
@askmrmickey: The Paper Mag fashion director is certainly a man about town, but he'll be at all the right shows. If Mr. Mickey approves, who cares what Anna says?
@HilaryAlexander: While not as cutting edge as, say, AnOther or Mickey, the Telegraph's fashion voice has a classic, well-trained eye.
@JakandJilBlog: Tommy Ton was once an aspiring blogger, and now he is a definitive fashion voice. Good to see how it's done.
@HintMag: A good round-up, with commentary, on the days' events -- from news to images to trends.
@dazedmagazine: This U.K. rag is the go-to for cool hunting. If it hits Dazed and Confused, it's officially a must-know.

News and Pics:

Straightforward, unedited coverage, without the Who, What and Wear.

@styledotcom: The definitive source for up-to-the-minute news and images from the shows.
@womensweardaily: More insider-y than, but a great source for images and news.
@Refinery29: These masters of indie fashion have it all -- front row pics, Fashion Week fouls and street style.
@AP_Fashion: Clear cut, easy-to-follow images delivered without much commentary.
@cutblog: The New York Magazine's Cut Blog rivals with its image repository, but is a little more off the beaten path.
@interviewnews: Different from the main Twitter account, InterviewNews delivers bite-sized nuggets of fashion headlines.
@runwaytoday: Up-to-the-minute fashion news without wading through celebrity or socialite nonsense.
@coutorture: Lots of images, runway stills and news without a great deal of commentary.
@SHOWstudio: The go-to spot for any Fashion Week video.
@FullFrontalFash: While not exactly image-laden, FFF has great bits of news about launches and announcements made during the week.

Official Voices:

Sometimes brands, companies and PR people can deliver the best news, since they are the ones making it.

@williamsonPR: The Williamson team tweets regularly from their shows, which include smaller brands like Riviera and Bespoken.
@oscarPRGirl: Not quite all Oscar de la Renta all the time, this account is out and about and followed by almost everyone on this list.
@bergdorfs: No one knows fashion quite like this time-honored institution.
@BPCM: Bismarck Phillips works with some of the biggest brands in the industry, so have fun checking out what they need to do to put on a show.
@CFDA: The Council for Fashion Designers of America is no-nonsense, and, when they speak, the world listens.
@NARSissist: The NARS makeup team dishes on the best beauty during the shows.
@Modelinia: Models need love too! See what the ladies are up to.

Backstage Deets:

Who's being a diva? What does the makeup look like off the runway? These scenesters give us a glimpse into the VIP world.

@DerekBlasberg: The socialite fashion editor of V will be cruising all the right parties. He's hilarious, too.
@facehunter: Yvan Rodic has made his name snapping style mavens, but also has great commentary on Fashion Week, itself.
@FaranKrentcil: Socialite Faran is as full of funny quips as she is in-the-moment gossip.
@misternewton: This street-style photog will be on hand to show you the best looks... off the runway.
@Stylelistsays: Though also a fashion blog, no one has the inside info on backstage makeup like StyleList.
@cmbenz: A designer and socialite, Mr. Benz's dual perspective -- as a blogger and a designer -- gives him a critical edge.
@MrStreetPeeper: Laid-back style watching from a premiere street-style photographer. Good on-the-ground perspective.

Trend Spotters/Blog Fodder:

For anyone who wants to try their own hand at the world of Web fashion following, these blogs nail upcoming style and are great for original posts.

@stylecaster: Spot on for trends, Stylecaster is a must-follow for anyone trying to start their own blog.
@thecoveted: Brilliant blogger round-up of gorgeous style images and moments.
@fashionista_com: Style tips, runway reports, celeb watching: this account has everything you need to stay up-to-the-minute.
@whowhatwear: For those who turn to celebs for fashion advice. WhoWhatWear will tell you who's hot and what genius choices they made.
@ManRepeller: Experiments in avant garde fashion often repel men, and these girls calls it as they sees it.

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