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Escape the Horrors of the Daily Grind in 'Mr. Jones' Dream'

Mr. Jones' Dream
Dreams are often only interesting to the parties concerned. No one wants to hear about the "crazy dream" in which you forgot to wear pants to school. But dreams can also provide fertile ground for imaginative gaming experiences that we can all share. This week, we'll delve into dream-inspired games that would have made Freud proud -- and we'll do it all without any 'Inception' jokes.

Oh, poor Mr. Jones. Not only have you been fired from your job, but now you're engulfed in a fever dream that is getting increasingly more odd. You jump about with all the heft of a helium balloon, practically floating through twisted representations of all the things that trouble you in the waking world: money, work, sex, and, apparently, killer robots. You're forced to not only perform platforming escapades but to also solve some deviously clever puzzles and fetch quests. Sure, you've acquired a shotgun to kill those robots in the underground battle arena, but you also have to find a way to transform into a bird in order to reach the furthest recesses of a cavernous labyrinth. But don't lose all hope, Jonesy. Perhaps this surreal adventure is exactly what you need to escape the tedium of the rat race. Perhaps you can even find some joy in the sheer insanity of it all. It sure beats grinding away the day in a cubicle, doesn't it?

Well, if Mr. Jones can't find enjoyment in his own subconscious, at least the rest of us can be entertained by it. In fact, 'Mr. Jones' Dream' is available right now as a PC download.

Mr. Jones' Dream

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