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Controversial 'Generation Y' Blog Now Accessible Within Cuba

yoani sanchezYoani Sanchez is a 35-year-old Cuban dissident who regularly criticizes her country's communist regime on her blog, 'Generation Y.' Her outspoken writing has garnered plenty of awards and has been translated into 15 languages. But, since 2008, Generation Y has been blocked within her native Cuba. On Tuesday, however, the Cuban government suddenly re-established access to the blog, much to Sanchez's delight.

In a Twitter post, Sanchez expressed some doubt about how long her blog would remain accessible within Cuba, but seemed pleased that Generation Y had finally opened up to her compatriots. "In the long night of censorship, a small hole has opened. My blog Generation Y returns to the insular light," she said. Sanchez has long been a target of the Cuban government, which heavily censors online content within its borders. In a videotape leaked last week, government officials mentioned her specifically during a meeting about using the Internet as a tool to sway popular opinion. It's still unclear why the regime chose to unblock Sanchez's blog, but after years of darkness, it's an encouraging sign nonetheless.

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