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7-Year-Old Almost Buys Harrier Jet on eBay for $113K

Harrier Jet
A 7-year-old boy from London almost had himself a real life Harrier Jet after clicking 'Buy it Now' on an eBay listing. The British-built jet capable of vertical take-offs was restored and being sold by Jet Art Aviation not as an auction, but as an instant purchase for £69,999 (around $113,000). Thankfully, the boy's father quickly caught the error and called the sellers to apologize -- gratuitously, we'd imagine -- and explain that his small son would not be able to afford the plane on his allowance.

The sellers were understanding and the Harrier was put back up on eBay, this time as an auction, to prevent excitable children from quickly (and accidentally) claiming ownership. It appears the plane has since been sold and is no longer appearing on eBay. The jet was not quite fully functional at the time of sale but Chris Wilson, the former Royal Air Force mechanic who runs Jet Art Aviation, told Fox News the craft could be made air-worthy again, but only at significant cost to the purchaser.

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