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Shoppers Stockpile Incandescent Bulbs in Anticipation of Phase Out

man holding bulbIn anticipation of a new law that will phase out incandescent light bulbs beginning next year, some shoppers are stockpiling large quantities of the bulbs for future use. According to USA Today, people aren't happy using the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), which are cheaper than LEDs and use 75-percent less energy than incandescents. Some complain that CFLs aren't quite as bright as incandescent bulbs, and, despite the money saved on energy bills by using them, aren't willing to pay the extra dollar or two that they cost. "I can't see a thing with the new bulbs and can't afford them anyway," an Oklahoma woman told USA Today. Of course, the only logical action is to spend money on hundreds of incandescent bulbs, which can be stored in the basement right next to the generator you bought for Y2K. An Ohio woman told the paper that she bought enough incandescent bulbs "to last for the next 50 years."

In a survey conducted by the lighting company Osram Sylvania, only about 13-percent of people said they would hoard 100-watt bulbs before they're phased out in eleven months. That's a pretty small segment of the population, which means incandescent bulb hoarding likely won't become a full-blown trend -- until some pundit decides to rail against the government restricting how he lights his bedside lamp.

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