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Feature Film Downloads Skyrocket, Surpass TV Streams

Downloadable Movies
In 2010, sales and rentals of feature-length films online climbed a stunning 38-percent, with U.S. consumers spending a grand total of $385 million on downloadable and streaming movies. By contrast, only $366 million was spent to purchase or rent television shows online, marking the first time that movie downloads have surpassed that of TV. As the market has grown, Apple's dominance has started to slip. Whereas in 2009 iTunes movie downloads accounted for 74.4-percent of all sales, in 2010 it had dropped to 64.5-percent, largely thanks to increased competition from Microsoft and Sony who both saw sales of films through their respective game consoles increase. Another major player in the field, Amazon, came in behind Vudu in online sales and rentals, which may explain why the company is expected to shift to a subscription-based service similar to Netflix.

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