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Scientists Create Ominous Baby 'Bot, Needs Diaper-Changing Skills

Studies have indicated that if a robot appears and acts like a human, then babies will actually believe the robot is a human. But, what if the baby is a robot? Will it grow up thinking it, too, is human? Robot researchers at Osaka University don't have to worry about that realism uncertainty, for now, because their new AFFETTO baby 'bot may just be the creepiest creation to ever roll off a robot production line.

The scientists apparently hoped to engineer a "child robot with realistic facial expressions," so that it could endear itself to human caregivers. (Umm, why exactly would a robot need a human caregiver? This just keeps getting creepier.) It's hard, however, to notice anything other than those soulless, shifty eyes. Watch the video above for a demonstration of the simulated, synthetic emotions, and (if you'd also like to see what a baby Terminator looks like) check out the follow-up for an inside view of the gears and guts, after the break.

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