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NFL Teams May Ditch Playbooks for Tablets

iPad PlaybookGiant paper playbooks may soon be a thing of the past in the NFL. Many teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, are considering jumping on the tablet bandwagon and leaving the piles of dead trees behind. Switching to a tablet like the iPad will certainly please the environmentally inclined, as a team can easily go through 5,000 pages of playbooks and review sheets per game. It could ultimately save teams money, as well, since new playbooks would simply be downloaded. A lost tablet could also prove to be less of a problem for coaches than a paper book. If an iPad containing plays disappears, it could simply be wiped remotely (thus preserving the team's secrets), rather than issuing a completely new playbook.

There are some concerns about the security of such devices, though. In addition to concerns about lost devices, coaches and tech personnel in the league are worried about the potential for hackers to compromise tablets wirelessly. You probably won't see coaches marching up and down the sidelines with an iPad until all of the league's security concerns can be addressed, but the change could happen soon. The Cowboy's head of technology Peter Walsh told CNET that his organization is looking at both Android-based tablets and the iPad with serious interest, as are many other teams.

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