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The Music of Malfunctioning Disks

Hard Drive One of the best ways to identify a failing hard drive is to simply listen to the sounds it makes. It might seem crazy, but it's true. A disk on the verge of disaster makes telltale noises that could tip you off in time to save your data. The trouble is knowing what to listen for. Some are obvious -- like beeps, clicks, scratching -- but others are much more subtle. Data recovery company Data Cent has compiled a database of sounds that hard drives make when they're about to fail, along with suggestions on what may specifically be causing the trouble. The hope is that, if you're able to identify the sound of a troubled disk, you'll be able to offload your data before it's too late. The list of drives and potential problems is already rather daunting, and Data Cent only plans to keep expanding the database. So head on over to the Hard Drive Sounds page, and familiarize yourself with the terrifying music of your data dying (1,000 times scarier than any Norwegian black metal band).

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