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MC Hammer to Release New Song on Flipboard, For Some Reason

mc hammerMost people use the Flipboard iPad app to read and share things on Twitter or Facebook. Visionaries like MC Hammer? They use it to peddle new music. Today, at 3 p.m. PST, Hammer will announce his new single 'See Her Face' on Oprah. At the same time, the song will go live on Flipboard, where users will be able to stream it. A downloadable version will reportedly be available at a later date.

It's certainly a strange platform of choice, but what's even stranger is how the project came about. Turns out, Hammer spends his (presumably bountiful) free time hobnobbing with venture capitalist Ron Conway. "MC Hammer has been involved in Internet projects for years and via our mutual friend Ron Conway he found out about Flipboard," a Flipboard spokesperson told Mashable."He was excited about how Flipboard brought his Twitter stream to life. He saw the potential of what a social magazine could mean for musicians and wanted to work with us on this project."

She added that Flipboard is open to working with other musicians in the future, but said that the company has no "specific plans for that at the moment." In other words, MC Hammer is finally at the top of at least one chart.

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