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Facebook Rolls Out Bigger, Better Photo System and Gaming Credits

New Facebook Photos Rolling Out
If there is one company evolving faster than Google, it's Facebook. What exactly the social network is evolving into, though, we're not sure. A few new features -- such as a massive overhaul of photo-sharing capabilities and a new credits system that makes in-game purchases easier, and offers discounts on virtual goods -- are finally starting to roll out to users. The new photo features will probably enhance Facebook's dominance in photo sharing over sites like Flickr and Picasa. In addition to supporting higher-resolution images (up to 2048 pixels wide), Facebook will also offer the ability to view photos in a slide show placed against a black backdrop, similar to Flickr, except with comments and a "like" button. Lucky users who already have access to the new photo system can also batch-tag images, labeling all occurrences of a particular friend in a single shot.

The new credit programs will allow developers to offer discounts on virtual goods, which buyers can share with their friends on Facebook. The other improvement is the addition of "frictionless" payments, which allow for one-click purchases from within games. The improvements don't seem to add up to much, but they're just the next tiny steps for Facebook in its continued evolution from social network to self-contained microcosm of the entire Web. Check out the video of the new photo features in action after the break.

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