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Super Bowl XLV on Twitter: Who to Follow

Super Bowl Twitter Accounts
Super Bowl XLV presents a particularly intriguing juxtaposition of established tradition and revolutionary technology. The Steelers and Packers represent perhaps the two most storied franchises in NFL history, with each carrying a lunch-pail reputation as a blue-collar, working-class organization. Now, 21st-century tech is allowing unprecedented Super Bowl access to those timeless teams' players, fans and reporters -- putting the everyman player online.

Twitter, in particular, allows observers to instantly follow and discuss every aspect of the NFL's championship game, including the players' preparation, the exhaustive media coverage, the celebrity spectacle and the onslaught of creative commercials. The NFL recently constructed an incredible and exhaustive Twitter aggregation page that "displays a real-time visualization of trending Super Bowl related topics" based on size and "number of mentions." Twitter also features a cornucopia of individualized commentary for each of those Super Bowl scenes, and the tweeting action should undoubtedly kick-off (since there is, you know, an actual game being played) with the players the fans love -- and love to hate.

For the Hardcore Fans

Our Pittsburgh players to watch feature David Johnson, Ike Taylor, Mike Wallace, LaMarr Woodley, Ryan Mundy, Troy Polamalu, Lawrence Timmons, Donovan Warren, and more...

Our fave Green Bay players include Anthony Smith, Desmond Bishop, Ryan Grant, Anthony Levine, Michael Neal, Atari Bigby, Quinn Johnson, Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers and more...

For diehards, tweets won't exactly flow during the game, unless -- of course -- one team gets extremely bored in the midst of a demoralizing beatdown. But an extensive assortment of players should definitely provide entertaining commentary before and especially after the game. For the casual fan who may not be intimately familiar with either team's roster, the Twitter lists feature eminent stars like the Steelers' Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward and defensive back Troy Polamalu, and the Packers' running back Ryan Grant and linebacker Clay Matthews. (In one gridiron battle to watch, Matthews and Polamalu will be fighting to see exactly which player sports the Super Bowl's most "extraordinary" mane.) The Packers list also includes quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has cemented himself as one of the greatest players in NFL history -- based solely on his astoundingly awesome photobombing exploits.

Steeler Nation

In terms of quality and frequency, LaMarr Woodley consistently (er, constantly) provides humorous and entertaining material. The conversational Ryan Mundy, the entrepreneur Ike Taylor and the honorable James Harrison are all definitely worth following, as well.


The tweet is certainly strong in Green Bay. Desmond Bishop, "a man of passion," may be the most productive Packers player on Twitter, but Jermichael Finley definitely keeps the feed full, as well. Other social network standouts for the Packers include Michael Neal and C.J. Wilson.

Media Blitz

Media Blitz Super Bowl Coverage nabs the NFL's official account, the AP's NFL feed, the NFL on Fox, Fox Sports, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Onion Sports, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Merril Hoge, Erin Andrews, Adam Schefter, Trey Wingo, the Dan Patrick Show, NBC Sunday Night Football, Chris Jenkins, David J. Roth and more...

Twitter's extensive Super Bowl media coverage runs the gamut, ranging from serious analysis to sarcastic irreverence. This Blitz list, which includes more than 30 entities, features national outlets, local newspapers and TV affiliates, and even the AP sports correspondents for each team (Genaro Armas for the Steelers and Chris Jenkins for the Packers). Definitely check out the insightful and witty commentary provided by the Onion Sports team and by the Wall Street Journal's David Roth, who -- for transparency -- would like you to know he's "not the one from Van Halen or magic."

Since the list does include so many contributors, some fans may feel a little overwhelmed by the frenzied feed. For Packers information, Paige Pearson from Wisconsin's Fox 11 shares insightful and knowledgeable commentary on a frequent basis. And, the Steelers Depot feed definitely keeps Pittsburgh informed with a steady dose of tweets. Among the national reporters, ESPN's Trey Wingo consistently injects a little bit of levity into the timeline, while the AP's highly active NFL feed serves as a more newsy source.

Ad Fiends

Commercial Hype and Commentary, featuring AdAge, Creativity Mag, Ad Rants, Ad Week, Ad Busters, AdFreak and more...

Numerous organizations will be focusing intensely and exclusively on the big game's advertising action, and this list should provide a snarky (AdFreak) and serious (Business Insider) Super Bowl fix for every commercial junkie. The incredibly popular AdAge likely contributes the most comprehensive coverage, and it even gives nostalgic breakdowns of the critters, cars and colas of yore that have earned enduring Super Bowl fame. An eclectic amalgam of other outlets, including Brand Freak and TBWA Worldwide, will also provide immediate commentary on the creative successes, the bewildering misses and (most importantly) the massive, memorable failures.

Famous Faces

Super Bowl Celebs include, Taboo, (unverified), the Black Eyed Peas, Cousin Sal, Greta Van Susteren, Justin Bieber, Tim McGraw, Snoop Dogg, David Ortiz, Ozzy Osbourne and more...

Some folks may just want to revel in the Super Bowl's annual celebrity circus. While several huge, relevant names remain absent from the active Twitter roster (notably National Anthem crooner Christina Aguilera and renowned Steeler fan Jeff Goldblum), a host of Super Bowl celebs abound on the site, including the stars of the highly-anticipated Ozzy-Bieber commercial. This diverse list also features halftime-performers Black Eyed Peas, as well as famous fans for each team, such as Greta Van Susteren and Larry the Cable Guy.

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