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'Flight' Elevates Paper Airplanes to a Whole New Level

This week, we're taking to the skies with some breezy flying games. We'll thumb our noses at Newton, and defy gravity with rocket ships, helicopters and paper airplanes. Make sure your seat backs are fully upright and your belongings stowed in the overhead bins as we take off for some aerial thrills.

Building the perfect paper airplane requires patience, diligence, and a passing knowledge of schoolyard aeronautics. Getting your winged creation from one side of the playground to the other is one thing, but getting it across continents requires a little more horsepower. 'Flight' puts you in control of a paper airplane that will require some serious modifications in order to make its transcontinental journey. Each flight gives you more cash with which to purchase these upgrades, allowing you to add everything from thrusters to limited control mechanisms to keep your plane afloat. Soaring through the air isn't an idle affair, though, as a number of boosts and money upgrades are littered throughout the sky, allowing you to eventually make flights so remarkably lengthy that they would make the Wright Brothers green with envy.


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