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Pro Tip: How to Opt-Out of Google's Targeted Ads

Opt-Out of Google Ads
In the past, we've shown you how to opt out of targeted ads from Google. But did you know that there is actually an easier way to quickly opt-out that doesn't involve digging around in your advertising preferences? There is now a giant Opt-Out button on the Advertising and Privacy page in Google's Privacy Center. Along with allowing you to opt out, the page offers a detailed explanation of exactly how Google's targeted ads work, what data they collect and what effects opting out has. It even breaks down data collection by site, explaining what information is used by YouTube to serve up ads, versus that used by Gmail. The page is even home to a series of videos explaining what cookies are and how they work. It's a neat page that offers a thorough explanation of what you're opting out of, and makes it stupid-simple to turn off Google's data-tracking ad service.

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