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Michael Phelps Bringing Kinect Swimming to Xbox

michael phelps push the limit
Water levels in video games have been terrible since Mario's first attempt at swimming in level 2-2, and things haven't improved much over the years as Ecco, Link and countless others have waded into the sea. Games that approximate the sport of swimming itself, often hastily tacked onto the year's Summer Olympics package, have been universally bad, marked by mindless controls, poor animation, and little understanding of the difference between a flip turn and an underwater kick.

Swimming god Michael Phelps has teamed up with 505 games for 'Push the Limit,' apparently in development for Xbox 360 since 2008. Instead of button-mashing, you'll play using Microsoft Kinect, which means you'll have to improve your stroke to get better at the game. Many swimmers work on technique out of the water, so even 30 minutes of spinning your arms around should give you a decent workout. Expect some quality YouTube Kinect mishaps as wannabe swimmers flail around, trying to beat the digital Phelps.

Michael Phelps's 'Push the Limit' Game

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