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Scam Claims to Show How Much Time You Spent on Facebook in 2010

Facebook scam claims to show how many hours you spent on site.
A new scam spreading across Facebook purports to show users how many hours they spent on the social networking site in 2010. According to Naked Security, users who click the rogue link are taken to an application request for permission page. If the user gives the fraudulent app access, he or she will be asked to take a survey, or a "security check," for which the scammers get paid every time it's completed. The link, of course, is then posted to the hoodwinked user's Facebook Wall, in the hopes that others will see it and fall for the same scam.

By now, we'd hope Switched readers know to avoid unfamiliar links and unknown third-party apps on social networking sites. But, even if you don't, do you really want to know how much time you wasted on Facebook in 2010? Given the choice, we'd rather not know.

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