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Kinect Used to Film Eerie Music Video

We've seen the Kinect do some pretty amazing tricks. It's easy to forget, though, that, despite all the hacking and bolting the gaming peripheral to robots, the Kinect is a video camera at heart. Artists Dom Jones and Dan Nixon recorded and processed the footage for a video from a band called Echo Lake using the Kinect. The results are a sublime blend of musical specters performing the song, 'Young Silence,' represented only by points of data in a 3-D space. Those of you with a good memory may notice a striking resemblance to the Radiohead video for 'House of Cards' released back in 2008. But, whereas the Radiohead video was created using a pair of very expensive 3-D scanners that blasted the surrounding area with lasers, 'Young Silence' required only the Kinect and some readily available data and video-processing software. Check out the gorgeous results above.

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