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Facebook Most Blacklisted Site in 2010, OpenDNS Says

facebook loginWeb security firm OpenDNS has just released its annual list of the most blacklisted sites across homes, businesses and schools. And, perhaps not surprisingly, Facebook came out on top.

OpenDNS' 2010 report on 'Web Content Filtering and Phishing' (PDF) shows that a full 14.2-percent of networks using the company's services have blacklisted Facebook, 9.9-percent blocked access to MySpace, and 8.1-percent flagged YouTube. According to the firm, consumers or companies normally use blacklists when they don't want to filter an entire category of sites, but only want to cherry-pick those within a specific area. That would explain why the top few spots doesn't go to porn sites, because 85-percent of networks already blocked 'pornography' as a general category -- the highest percentage of any genre.

Also included on the list are Twitter, Limewire, and ad services like The composition of this year's list led OpenDNS to speculate that most consumers are worried about leaking their personal information to online advertising networks, and eating up too much bandwidth on video streaming sites. Businesses, on the other hand, seem more concerned with their employees' wasting time; 23-percent of all employers using OpenDNS services blocked Facebook, 10-percentage points higher than second-place MySpace.

And, although network managers chose to block out Facebook more often than any other site, many voluntarily brought it into the fold, as well. The site sits at number two on OpenDNS' list of most "whitelisted" sites -- sites to which users are granted access on an exception basis, even if their larger categories have been blocked. According to the firm, the domains included on this list "represent the most trusted sites in their category." In other words, your boss may trust Facebook, but she probably doesn't trust you to use it wisely at work.

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