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How to Bookmark Songs in Pandora

Pandora may be great at unearthing songs you never knew existed, but its social and bookmarking features are still stuck in the early Aughts. You could just jot down that great Charles Bradley track that's playing right now, but Pandora does, in fact, offer an easy, if somewhat hidden, way to save songs or artists. In the Pandora Web interface, just click 'Menu' under the album artwork, 'Bookmark,' and then 'Bookmark this Song.'

The process is a bit clearer on Android and iPhone. The iPhone lets you simply tap the menu triangle and bookmark to save a song, and provides an easily recognizable tab for quickly browsing through your bookmarks. Android keeps the bookmark tools under the list menu, but currently forces you to open the Pandora website to see your bookmarks. On the Web, these are nearly impossible to find if you don't know where to look; click the 'Your Profile' button, and you'll find a chronological listing of your bookmarks. It's easier than using Shazam or a text file to keep a list, and you can even export your favorites as an RSS feed. Now, if only we could export this to a Grooveshark or Spotify playlist...
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