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RIM Says It Can't Give India Access to BlackBerry E-Mails

blackberryRIM may have resolved its BlackBerry issues in the Middle East and Indonesia, but the company's negotiations with India seem to have hit a wall. Today, the smartphone manufacturer reiterated that it cannot allow the Indian government to monitor corporate e-mails sent from Blackberry devices because, according to RIM, the technology simply doesn't exist.

"We can't give a solution for enterprise services [corporate email]," said Robert Crow, RIM's VP for industry, government and university relations. "It's not possible to do so, because the keys of that service are with the corporate enterprises and corporate entity that owns the server." Earlier this month, the company gave India access to data sent via its BlackBerry messenger service, but government officials were hoping for more.

The Indian government has long maintained that access to encrypted mobile data is crucial to its domestic anti-terrorism agenda. Crow will hold further discussions with Indian authorities over the next few days, though the country has yet to set a hard deadline for resolving the issue.

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