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'Disquiet' Is a Brief Sojourn Into Lynchian Gaming Territory

One room -- that's all. This week's gaming picks limit you to the claustrophobic confines of four-walled spaces, but don't shy away from these enclosed experiences. Although being stuck in one room may seem limiting, it's the perfect setting for some quick, bite-sized gaming to get you through your lunch break.

Any game with lofty artistic goals faces the challenge of supplying satisfying gameplay. While 'Disquiet' may not get this balance quite right, often erring on the side of presentation over challenge, it does succeed at telling a short, surreal and mystifying tale. We'll leave the task of interpreting its gloomy story up to you, but we will mention that it involves a father-son relationship, anti-depressants, and suicide -- not exactly lighthearted stuff, especially since these dreary elements are enforced by some truly superb sound design. Snippets of barely audible conversations, television static, and a score highly reminiscent of Vangelis are all used to place you directly into the 'Disquiet' world. Nevertheless, it's a brief stay, as advancing through the narrative involves merely clicking through a few hot spots, which can be accomplished in a few minutes.

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