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Bust Out the Booze With 'Snakes of Avalon,' an Alcohol-Fueled Adventure Game

snakes of avalon
One room -- that's all. This week's gaming picks limit you to the claustrophobic confines of four-walled spaces, but don't shy away from these enclosed experiences. Although being stuck in one room may seem limiting, it's the perfect setting for some quick, bite-sized gaming to get you through your lunch break.

A lot can happen in a bar. Once the booze starts flowing, fights break out, hearts get broken and the moose head mounted on the wall starts giving you tenuous life advice. Nothing left to do but keep on drinking and try to make sense of what you hope are the most wicked hallucinations you've ever had. If this doesn't sound like your typical bar-hopping experience, then you need to enjoy a night out with Jack, the bedraggled protagonist of the PC-only 'Snakes of Avalon.' This trippy adventure game takes you to the deepest recesses of our hero's subconscious without ever leaving the comfortable confines of his local watering hole. It's a game about repressed memories, murder and the possibility that your entire reality may be one alcohol-fueled fever dream. And it's all done quite well, striking a healthy balance between a captivating narrative and engaging puzzle solving. Even if you're not a lush, we recommend downloading this for your PC, and spending a night with our buddy Jack. Just don't get upset if he mistakes you for a talking fish.

Download 'Snakes of Avalon' for Windows

Snakes Of Avalon

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