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Google Blocks 'Piracy Related' Terms From Autocomplete, Instant Search

Add 'BitTorrent' and 'RapidShare' to the long list of terms for which Google won't help you search. In an apparent attempt to curry favor with the MPAA and RIAA, the company has begun blocking all "piracy related" terms from its Autocomplete feature. (TorrentFreak reports that Instant search results have also been blocked, but searches still instantly appear for us, once we complete the term. It appears to be a slightly less restrictive move than Google's previous search ban.) In addition to 'BitTorrent' and 'RapidShare,' Google has blocked 'Megaupload,' 'Xunlei,' and any combination of the word "torrent."

This doesn't mean Google is censoring the full search results; it just won't automatically suggest them to curious users. Nevertheless, BitTorrent and others think the largely symbolic move may work in a way counterintuitive to Google's intentions. "A quick search for 'BitTorrent' currently returns a variety of legitimate and useful links, including company information, our software, our open-source protocol, and more," BitTorrent's Simon Morris told TorrentFreak. "What Google may not realize is that our technology is used for many purposes that provide significant value to the technology industry, companies, artists and consumers at large."

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