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Direct2Drive Offers Downloadable PC Game Rentals, Paltry Selection

direct2drive game rentals
Rather than investing $50 in a game without playing it first, gamers can now rent PC games online -- downloading the entire game to a hard drive, and paying $5 for five hours of initial playing time. According to Kotaku, when the first five hours is up, gamers can choose to continue playing by paying what's left of the game's retail price. If not, Direct2Drive, the company behind this online rental program, will lock the user from accessing the game any further. There are currently only four titles to rent from the site: 'Silent Hill: Homecoming,' 'Grid,' 'FEAR' and 'Divinity 2.' While that's an underwhelming selection of games, Direct2Drive claims on its blog that its rental library "will grow in time." Nobody knows how long that will take, though.

The only way that Direct2Drive's rental program can stay competitive is if it drastically expands its library with newer titles. Direct2Drive has the potential to draw customers since it allows gamers to download an entire game to their computers -- eliminating those pesky lag and load times that can be associated with streaming games to your PC. We like the idea here, but it just seems like Direct2Drive fell a little short with its execution. Honestly, $5 is just too much for what amounts to a demo of an older PC game.

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