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'Doing Nothing for 2 Minutes' Is Harder Than It Sounds

'do nothing for 2 minutes'
A new site called Do Nothing for 2 Minutes challenges visitors to do exactly what it says -- absolutely nothing. Created by PopJam CEO Alex Tew and developer Ben Dowling, the page features an appropriately ascetic layout. Users are asked to sit in front of a seaside photograph, listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and that's about it. A timer at the top of the page counts down from two minutes, but, if you touch your mouse before the time is up, the timer will reset, and the page will remind you that you've failed. Though there's no way for the site to keep you from playing around on your iPhone or tablet, not touching your computer for two whole minutes is still harder than it sounds -- especially if you spend a good chunk of your day in front of it.

Tew, who launched the Million Dollar Homepage back in 2006, said he created DNF2M in the hopes of giving our brains a break from the relentless flow of information to which the Web subjects us every day. "I had been thinking how we spend every waking minute of the day with access to an unlimited supply of information, to the point of information overload," Tew told TechCrunch. Tew added that his site, in a Taoist twist, may even help us be more productive, by forcing us to do nothing. "I also read somewhere that there is evidence that our brains are being re-wired by the Internet, because we get a little dopamine kick every time we check our e-mail or Twitter or Facebook and there's a new update," he said. "So we're all developing a bit of ADD, which is probably not great in terms of being productive."
Were you able to do nothing for 2 minutes?
Yes15196 (89.3%)
No1826 (10.7%)

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