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For Women, Text Messages Mean More Sex

woman with computer Take it from a lady: Nothing gets a gal's heart racing like longing, hand-written missives, promising sweet nothings and slipped into hands or lockers, bags or under doors. Or, you know, a 160-character text message drunkenly sent at 3 a.m.

Apparently, lovelorn romantics of the digital age no longer sit up all night on the phone, draining the battery on the cordless and then sneaking into Mom's room while she's asleep to fetch the old banana phone to keep chatting, hoping that she won't wake up. (Typical teen experience, right?) Instead, they just text. While this isn't surprising news, a poll conducted by American Media's Shape and Men's Fitness magazines has determined that oft-texted, heavily "poked" (yes, we went there) lasses are more likely to hop in the sack.

While we wouldn't tout a poll published in a consumer magazine as being totally scientific, the New York Post quotes a psychologist who brings up an apt point: "The texting and all the social networking that's happening... creates anticipation." Tidbits of stilted, typo-ridden correspondence may actually heat things up through titillating interaction; an innuendo-laden text or a friend request is much easier (and cheaper/more realistic) than the archaic flowers-at-work-the-next-day. Poring over Facebook photos creates a sense of intimacy (albeit maybe a false one), and text-based conversation is exciting, secretive and brief. ("What does he mean, 'C U L8r'? Do you think he misses me?'") While they may have waited until the next date in days past, 40-percent of women say that receiving flirtatious messages makes them more likely to get freaky sooner.

The Post points out that social networking gets ladies more ready for romance; by friending, messaging and digitally encountering a paramour, a girl (or, we'd venture, a guy, as well) feels more familiar with her suitor. Facebook spying, sexting and awkwardly placed SMS typos? Certainly beats a glass of Merlot and Barry White's Greatest Hits.

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