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Kidnapping Suspect Contacted Police via Facebook, Says Source

ann pettwayA woman accused of kidnapping an infant from a hospital more than 20 years ago has turned herself over to the authorities. The suspect, Ann Pettway, allegedly stole the young girl from a New York hospital back in 1987, and raised her as her own. A warrant was issued for her arrest on Friday, in North Carolina, and she was finally taken into custody on Sunday, in Connecticut. A source told CNN that Pettway originally contacted a Bridgeport police officer via Facebook to turn herself in.

The baby, Carlina White, grew up with a different name, but recently reunited with her biological family after conducting extensive online research. The last time Joy White saw her daughter was on August 4th, 1987, when Carlina was 19-days old. White checked her daughter into a Harlem hospital because Carlina was running a high fever. After going home to rest, the mother returned to the hospital, only to find that her baby was gone. It's unclear what would have motivated Pettway to steal the baby, but Carlina says that Pettway had been pregnant in 1987, and lost the child.

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