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Florida Governor Rick Scott Holds First Twitter Town Hall

Florida governor hosts town hall on Twitter.
The recently elected governor of Florida, Rick Scott, held a Twitter-based town hall meeting last Thursday night, answering questions from his constituents for 30 minutes. Scott (or @FlGovScott) didn't exactly reinvent the wheel with his answers to questions asked with the hashtag #flgov, but he is the first U.S. governor to host a town hall event on Twitter. Scott has had a Twitter account for some time, but, until he took office, his aides had handled it.

Scott's constituents fired off 140-character queries about Scott's offshore drilling policies, his views on new technology in schools, his stance on property tax rates, and even what the First Lady of Florida was wearing while she watched him tweet. He didn't answer that last question, but, if you're curious, the Orlando Sentinel did compile a list of some of the better questions and responses.

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