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Guess What? Camel-Riding Robots Are Armed With Stun Guns

Here are a couple factoids for you to munch on this Friday. Last February, the world's most expensive camel sold for £1.6 million, or about $2.5 million. This camel was an international racing camel, and, yes, that exists. If the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled world of camel racing doesn't excite you, the absurd wealth of the socialite Arab participants (or at least the brightly colored nose cozies the camels wear) certainly will. And, like any enterprise involving high-stakes dromedaries, camel racing has a seedy dark underbelly. At one time, wealthy racers corralled young boys, some as young as 6-years old and intentionally kept underweight, to ride their camels. The United Arab Emirates decided to ban the use of underaged jockeys in 2005, replacing them with camel-riding robots. Yet even the robots are problematic; it appears that an underground cartel has been equipping the little 'bots with stun guns, allowing them to zap camels as they ride.

Our friends over at Gearfuse aptly point out that the execution of this swindle is indeed sad for the world of international camel racing, but they also encourage us to hold the flippin' phone: Camel-riding robots? With stun guns? What are these playboys thinking? This practice is not only cruel to camel-kind, but humankind, too, seeing as the race participants are creating -- nay, encouraging -- a cavalry of stun-gun-toting, camel-whipping robots. The robots ride on the camels' backs, everyone. And then shoot people (err... camels) with stun guns. And apparently international alarms have not been raised.

Dubai police have reportedly gotten the situation under control, so, if you are ever in the Middle East, please, by all means, take in a camel race. And watch the jockey's metallic, manipulative, soul-less form riding expensive, lightning-fast camels.

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