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'My Total Facebook Views' Scam Hits Facebook, With Inflated Numbers and Spam

total profile views scam
If you've avoided clicking on any Facebook posts promising to show you your 'Total Facebook Views,' give yourself a round of applause -- because it's just a scam.

The spammy posts seem to be originating from various sources, but they all boast essentially the same syntax. A typical post from a friend who fell for the trick will read: "My total facebook views are: [random number]. Find out your total profile views on: [link]." Most of the messages are also posted via suspicious looking apps, like 'not earldom,' and 'OMG i couldn't look at my Dad if he caught me.'

Those strange sources should throw up a red flag to most observant Facebook users, but, if you were to go ahead and click on the link, you'd be prompted to fill out a survey. Filling out the survey earns the spammer some extra cash, and it earns you absolutely nothing. And, as All Facebook points out, going through with the survey will likely expose your computer to other forms of malware, and render it vulnerable to future spam attacks from the same source. So don't be fooled by those inflated page views. Your friends aren't really that popular; they just got duped.

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