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BWAAK! 'Angry Birds' to Slingshot Into Your Teevee

Haven't had enough 'Angry Birds' yet? (Seriously? You haven't? What's wrong with you?) Well, get ready, campers: the pig-smashing avian avengers are coming to TV. That's the plan, at least. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told the British TV industry news site C21Media that, with the game coming to desktop PCs and game consoles, and Mattel working on a board game (not to mention the plush toys and T-shirts), the obvious next step is television. Rovio is looking into a number of different options for adapting 'Angry Birds' as an animated series, but no details are set in stone yet.

As much as some of these peripheral products seem fun, we'd love to see Rovio devote some resources to a proper sequel to 'Angry Birds' -- by which we mean something more substantial than a simple holiday-themed coat of paint.

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