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Teen Arrested After Threatening to 'Shoot Up' His School on Facebook

facebook threat A 16-year-old high school student has been arrested in Indianapolis, after posting ominous threats on his Facebook page.

The boy, a special-needs student at Warren Central High School, allegedly wrote that he would "shoot up the school" after the Martin Luther King Day holiday. "Your dreams will be broken by Warren Central, no more Nice Guy," reads one of the suspect's posts. "I mean what I said and you are going to die tomorrow, every last one of you," declares another.

It didn't take long for the posts to spread around the school, and, by Monday night, concerned parents had already notified the school's principal, Rich Shepler. Shepler then contacted Indianapolis police, who arrested the boy at his home on Tuesday, and immediately placed him in a juvenile detention center.

"How quickly the administration acted on this shows we take allegations of threats seriously and then move forward to investigate them, and then make sure law enforcement is involved," said Dennis Jarrett, a school spokesman. The county prosecutor said he cannot file felony charges against the boy, since the case falls outside of Indiana's felony intimidation law. He confirmed, however, that he's currently looking into what other charges the troubled student could face.

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