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Essential BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcuts for Fighting RSI

BlackBerry MessagingYesterday, we showed you how to set up your basic AutoText and predictive text settings, but you can do much more to relieve the dreaded BlackBerry thumb by taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts. Since so many exist, though, you'll want to get started with learning the basics. Some shortcuts work for both e-mail and messaging, but others are exclusive to individual services.


  • instantly compose messages [press and hold 'C']
  • reply ['R']
  • reply all ['L']
  • forward ['F']
  • two spaces create a period for a new sentence


  • to scroll up [Shift + Space]
  • to scroll down [space]
  • go to the top of a message ['T']
  • go to the bottom of a seemingly endless thread ['B']
  • proceed to the next date ['N']
  • go back to the previous date ['P']
  • go to the next unopened message ['U']


If Calendar users adhere to the default 'Day' view, though, the options will need to be updated in order for the quick keys to work properly. To change the settings, open the Calendar, press the BlackBerry menu button and select 'Calendar Options.' Then, choose 'General Options,' scroll down to the 'Actions' section and set the 'Enable Quick Entry' box to "No." If users opt for the 'Agenda,' 'Week' or 'Month' views, the settings do not need to be changed.
  • swap to 'Agenda' mode ['A']
  • bring up 'Day' ['D']
  • switch to 'Week' ['W]
  • cue the 'Month' perspective ['M']
  • schedule appointments ['C']
  • move to the next day, week or month ['Space'] (depending upon the view)
  • scroll back through the previous day, week or month ['Space + Shift']
  • move the Calendar back to the current date ['T']
  • jump to a specific, selected date ['J']

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