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'One Button Arthur' Is a One-Button Take on Arthurian Legend

one button arthur
Forget last year's obsession with using spasmodic flailing as a way to control video games. It's far more interesting for developers to subvert the classic D-pad and buttons that we've been tapping away at for years. The one-button game perfectly realizes this by forcing both developers and players to think laterally without resorting to fancy new technology. Play 'Canabalt,' and then check out our week-long one-button showcase.

'One Button Arthur' is the medieval successor to the 'Indiana Jones'-style 'One Button Bob.' Like its precursor, you must succeed through a series of one-button challenges in order to retrieve the mythical sword in the stone. Each screen assigns the left mouse button to a different action for Arthur. As the result, some stages require that you hold and then release the button to make daring leaps, while others require that you click it in order to swing his mighty sword. While none of the challenges are too hair-raising, the difficulty lies in quickly learning what new control scheme waits ahead, as well as minimizing the amount of clicks you use to get to your ultimate goal. This results in a nice mix of puzzle solving and reflexive thinking that can be completed during your lunch break. Since you'll only need one hand to play this game, you can simultaneously chow down while in the midst of your perilous journey.

One Button Arthur

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