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New Site, App Will Host Oral History of September 11th

The National September 11th Memorial & Museum and Brooklyn-based startup Broadcastr have teamed up to curate an oral history of the infamous day's events. As part of Broadcastr's debut next month, it will host over 2,000 interviews with eye witnesses and first responders about their experiences on September 11th, 2001. About a week after the site goes public, Broadcastr will offer both iPhone and Android versions of an app that will be able to associate geolocation data with uploaded stories. That data can also be used to filter stories, so tourists and mourners can walk through the forthcoming September 11th Memorial, and hear the recollections of those affected by the tragedy. Broadcastr aims to become to audio what Flickr and YouTube are to photos and videos -- serving as a repository of people's stories, as told in their own voices.

With countless memorial projects and souvenirs out there (many of questionable taste), we can think of no better way to memorialize the events than by letting affected people tell their own stories. Whether or not that should require a GPS-enabled smartphone app, though, is still up for debate.

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