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Facebook Temporarily Suspends Contact Information Sharing With Developers

Facebook Contact Info
On Friday, as you may know, Facebook granted app developers access to your address and phone number. As with all of your profile information, a Facebook app must be given explicit permission to access this data, but the warnings were easily missed. Privacy and security experts worried that this data could be easily harvested by companies that might sell your data to third parties, or by crooks who would use the information for scams or identity theft. Facebook users and developers have also responded in outrage (as they usually do), and Facebook has decided to suspend the feature.

Douglas Purdy, director of developer relations, wrote that the company would be suspending the service, and that Facebook "could make people more clearly aware of when they are granting access to this data." Purdy went on to say that the company will be updating the feature and re-enabling it soon. We just hope the next version comes with additional safeguards beyond a warning to users. If there's one thing that the countless march of Facebook scams and malware has shown us, it's that some Facebook users will agree to anything.

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