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Man Tunnels into GameStop, Swipes $5K in Games, Gets Arrested

Steven ArcherMost video game addicts would do just about anything to get their hands on a free copy of their favorite game. But few would go as far as to pull off a bank robbery-style heist of their local retailer. Why? Because it's illegal, it's stupid, and, in the age of rampant online piracy, it's not even slightly necessary. Steven Archer, however, apparently thought it was worth a shot.

The 33-year-old Archer was arrested last week for digging a tunnel into his local GameStop, and walking away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Police say the man started digging on January 4, after breaking into a vacant building next to the game store. When all was said and done, Archer allegedly made off with nearly $300 in cash, and more than $5,300 in games and electronics. Now, he faces charges of felony burglary, and a lifetime of asking himself why he didn't just rip pirated games off the Internet, like the rest of the world.

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