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8th Grader's 'Bubble Ball' Unseats 'Angry Birds' on Apple's Top Free Apps List

Robert Nay
Thanks to a tween, the avian reign on the iPhone is over. According to All Things Digital, a game created by a 14-year-old boy unseated 'Angry Birds Seasons' from its spot atop the App Store's Top Free Apps list. 'Bubble Ball,' which 8th-grader Robert Nay coded on his own, became the App Store's #1 free game late last week. Nay spent more than a month using Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK to write more than 4,000 lines of code for the physics-based title. The goal in the game (also available for Android is to guide a pink ball across several levels with other objects and gravity. Since its release on December 29th, 'Bubble Ball' has been downloaded about 1.5 million times. "I was pretty surprised by how well it was doing," the Utah tween told All Things Digital. Nay says he plans on adding more levels to the free game, and eventually offering more games as in-app purchases.

'Bubble Ball' may not be the death knell of the 'Angry Birds' craze, but the success of this independently made game, which saw an impressive 400,000 downloads in one day last week, highlights how level the playing field is for app developers.

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